My Front Yard

Our front yard landscape…  yes, this makes it hard to believe I’m a highly-trained landscape professional!

OK, here’s the disclaimer.  The lawn area was installed with a experimental irrigation system using a new product, and it did not meet expectations.  It’s why I test this stuff on MY yard and not my client’s!!!  The good news is it looks decent in these photos right after it was installed.  Not so great now… (see update photo below.)

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Whack the Camera!

Or… How Not to Ski!

Jess decides to make a video of us skiing toward the camera using a tripod to hold the camera so we can both get into the video.  It was the end of the day, Julie was tired, and just wanted to head back to the lodge for some hot chocolate.  But no, Jess insists on taking one last video… and it did not go well.  Listen for Julie’s choice words for her poor, camera obsessed husband!  Fortunately he was out of reach of her ski pole.  But the camera wasn’t!  (It survived.)


The Frisky Story

by Jess Stryker  (January 19,2002)

When my son was about 8 years old he received some money from his great-grandmother. He wanted to buy something right away, so we went to a nearby supermarket. Out in front of the market were a couple of young girls with a box full of kittens. My son looked at the kittens and announced that what he would like was a kitten (we didn’t have a pet at that time). I was a bit hesitant, as my wife, Julie, was not along on the trip, and I wasn’t sure how she would react if we suddenly came home with a new cat! I had a brief conversation with my son about the responsibilities of pet ownership, and he agreed that he would feed, clean, and otherwise care for his new pet. So we went into the store and he spent his gift money on some cat litter and kitten food. When we came out of the store, the girls were busily chasing one of the kittens which had climbed out of the box and was scurrying off across the parking lot! We thought this was a good sign, and so we took home the small black and white escapee. He named her “Frisky” because she was so active. When we got home Julie was a bit surprised, but who could resist that cute little bundle of fur?

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